Cloncurry Street - Fulham

Private House: Healthy, Comfortable and Smart

A stunning Victorian home in the Fulham region underwent extension and landscaping, which led to a magnificent combination and modification of its traditional style using the latest technology in its design and construction. The final result is a sophisticated demonstration of intelligent and energy-efficient architecture.

A team of experienced experts from various disciplines worked together to design and build the project with meticulous attention to detail, while paying homage to the distinct surroundings and architectural legacy of the region. The primary objective was to create a structure that was not only energy-efficient, but also healthy, smart and comfortable for its inhabitants.

The impressive landscape is also worth noting, as it was carefully designed to establish a magnificent connection between the interior living space and the hidden gem of the outdoor environment, an intimate space for family.

Main Features
- Traditionally reclaimed yellow London bricks thermal bridge free masonry walls
- High performance triple glazed windows and doors
- High Air Tightness performance
- Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery
- Comfortable, healthy and smart
- Low energy bills
- Healthy indoor temperature-humidity balance all year long
- VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free paint
- Healthy Indoor Air Quality 24/7

- Main Contractor: Oasis
- Architect: Anthony Hudson [HUDSONArchitects]
- Energy Consultant and MEV Designer: [Enhabit Ltd]
- Project Management: Oasis Construction London